Exam stress…

Final exams are here again, and for many students at UBC they’re already over. Not for me. Today was my third of four final exams. So far I’ve written my French Literature exam, my South Asian International Relations exam, and my South Asian Domestic Politics exam.

The problem is that the last one is the hardest – Canadian Foreign Policy. It was a really fun course to take, with a great lecturer – Dr Allen Sens – and good material. The problem is that there were 916 pages of assigned readings for a one semester course. These aren’t novels or light reading, they’re all journal articles and the like. For me, that means 20 pages of reading takes 1 hour, without taking any notes or highlighting. With a heavy emphasis on both readings and lectures, the final exam promises to be more than challenging for me, as I have not been able to read all the readings and have very little capacity to remember what I did read. For some reason, Canadian politics rarely stick in my head, while the politics of other countries are much easier to remember.

My goal for the exam is 70%, to get 80% as a grade on the course. This will not be easy. 39 hours until my last exam of the year is over.