It’s my birthday

I’m 22 years old as of today. And I’m lovin’ it (partly because yesterday was my last final exam).

Check out my birthday cake from my 20th birthday. Dad put 20 candles on it, all in a clump in the middle, not spread out!

Also, I recently added some new photo galleries to this site from my year in New Zealand.

If you look in the left sidebar, the new ones are East Coast, Christchurch, Aoraki/Mt Cook, Queenstown, West Coast, Kepler Track, and Stewart Island. I’d love to hear any positive/negative feedback from anyone who takes a look.

And to all you stalkers (I know there are several because you told me yourselves) you should feed my ego and leave a comment every once in a while so I know you’re reading this site. You don’t need to log in or be signed up, anyone can comment.