Ok, so yesterday was my 22nd birthday and I got presents! I’ll only mention a couple. Firstly, Mom and Dad are going to get my bike fixed so I can start riding again and build up my bad knee so I can start playing sports again next year. I’m really excited to get back on my bike finally!

Also, for a week I was staring at this massive bubblewrap King Kong-themed package that Vania sent me from New Zealand. I wasn’t allowed to open it til my birthday, so I waited until she gave me a birthday call to open it while she was on the phone. And you know what was inside? A treasure!

There were two teeshirts and a pair of shorts that I accidentally left at Tom’s dad’s place in New Zealand, which I really missed – one of which Vania gave me for my 21st birthday and which I didn’t even know I was missing! I just thought it was lost in my room here.

But she also gave me an electric toothbrush, because she knew that I was jealous of her one, so that’s super cool. And she gave me two cool teeshirts which fit perfectly. And she gave me a little mirror to carry with me, because sometimes I need to see if I have food on my face and stuff when I’m out and there are no easily accessible mirrors. Stop laughing.

She ALSO gave me a really awesome card from her, Anna, Elliott, Mae, Jasmine and Kalinka with two photos inside, holding a Happy Birthday banner. And she sent the banner too! And a nice birthday letter, AND an engraved metal bracelet from her trip to Melbourne, from the very same stall where I got her a bracelet when I went to Melbourne last year. SO cool.

Check out the loot: