on driving

Some days you’re a windshield and some days you’re a bug. Today I feel more like the squeegee. You know the people who clean your windshield down at Main and Terminal with a filthy squeegee? Sometimes they do an OK job, and you drive off with a slightly clearer view of the road ahead.

Here’s looking at you, kid.

4 thoughts on “on driving

  1. hmm i can’t quite understand what it’s supposed to mean if you feel like a squeegee

    are you back now?
    by the way, i’m having cell phone issues (ie i hate cell phones) so i’m getting rid of that thing very soon… but anyhow, i’ll give you a call soon

  2. Oooh that’s deep, dude. DEEP.

    And yes, save me a ticket for the Chan and then I’ll give you the moolah when I see you. Will you be at Grout’s concert tonight? Cos I can give it to you then.

  3. hmmm…

    naw, even after bending 2 minutes’ thought towards that, i still don’t get it. ah well. guess it makes sense to you.


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