First Day of Work!

Today was my first day at my new summer job as a Travel Coordinator for the Canada Border Services Authority at the Vancouver Int’l Airport. Essentially, what I do is help speed up the waiting line for people flying into Vancouver from outside of Canada by making sure their forms are filled in, they have their passports etc ready, and answer random questions.

My coworkers, all SFU and UBC students, are über cool and super nice. One of my coworkers was in my French class this past semester, and I met another one before we had our interviews a wayyys back, and two of them know my friend’s girlfriend. Small world eh? Not to mention they also both know a girl working at the Bowen Island Museum, where I worked two years ago.

Our various superiors all seem very happy with their jobs and are very approachable, which is great.

It’s not the hardest job in the world, even though we’ll be standing on our feet (what else would we stand on?) most of the day, but it’s just what I need right now. A bit of interaction with random strangers, very low stress levels, and decent pay. And once it stops raining, I will hopefully be cycling to work most days.

It’s going to be an interesting challenge getting from the airport to UBC by bus/bike when work ends at 6pm (starting next week) and class starts at 7pm, but it seems that I can pull it off if the buses run on schedule.

Do I get a uniform? Of course. I’ll put a pic up some other time, but right now I can show what I bought a few days ago for this job and my wardrobe needs in general:

Black pants for work – $53

Black socks x 9 pairs, white socks x 4 pairs for work and all other sock-wearing activities – $23

Undershirts x3 for work – $15

Shoes/boots (size 12 = 13 inches / 33 cm long) for work – $50

Leather protection spray for my work shoes and steel-toe boots – $11

I can’t show you photos of our awesome uniform in action – but I’ll give you a quick description: bullet proof vest, baton, helmet with visor, bulletproof glass riot shield. Our gloves have lead beads in the knuckles too. Moral of the uniform story: don’t mess with Travel Coordinators ;-)