♪ Siiiiiiiinging in the Chan ♫

Last week on the 3rd, I went to the Chan Centre at UBC to see the St Pat’s choir concert. It was AMAZING (as usual) and lots of fun. I sat with Joy (http://givemeanaudience.blogspot.com/) and we took some photos on her camera, so a big thanks to her, otherwise there’d be no pics up here.

Tony de Araujo, the choir director and teacher at St Pats, pulled off a great show and probably hadn’t slept in days. Sometimes I worry that he puts so much energy and enthusiasm into the choir, but it sure gets results.

Me sittin in the stands, but I kinda went crazy in Photoshop…

The Senior Concert Choir (non-auditioned, grades 10-12) was really good, and they sang some excellent stuff:

Then the Corpus Christi College Chamber Choir (auditioned adult choir) took a turn for a few songs. Several friends, and my Mom, are in the CCCCC so that was cool too. Tony is the director for this choir as well:

The St Pats Chamber Choir (auditioned, grades 9-12) also performed a number of songs which were really breathtaking. My baby sister Lisa is in this choir, and they placed 2nd at the Festival of Gold in San Francisco this year. The Festival of Gold is a US National Invitational event, and as usual, St Pats was the only Canadian choir there. This song is called “The Argument” and as you can see, it involves a fair bit of body movement and walking around – all extremely well choreographed and carried out with precision.

After the intermission, all three choirs joined together with some members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for the second half of the concert. The various instruments worked reeeally well with the music and the Chan is such a great room for acoustics that it was a real treat to listen to.

Afterwards, I grabbed a few old high school friends of mine and we headed to Rugby’s, a restaurant/bar on Broadway. We chilled there for a while, then a few of us went to Denny’s for late night munchies.

Liz and Nate:

Me and Cathy:

Alastair and Joy

Altogether it was a great night, and still worth it even though I had to wake up after 4 hrs of sleep to go to work the next morning at the airport.

7 thoughts on “♪ Siiiiiiiinging in the Chan ♫

  1. i enjoyed that title! if i could figure out how to type a music note, my blogs would be SO much more interesting…
    and yes, i changed blog titles just cuz i stopped swappin, but i made ‘gorgeous footsteps’ a long time ago – just never got around to switching over.
    aaand i like the pics. keep them coming, oh photodiarist!

  2. Wow… you actually managed to make those pics look great! It was definitely a fun evening and I’m glad I decided to come out for it. The choirs sounded so beautiful, didn’t they? I miss singing in a choir… *le sigh*

  3. long time no see! i forget what i had to do that day but, i wish i went. we shall all get together. the summer’s just beginning…

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