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I haven’t updated in 3 weeks, but I am still alive. The problem is I’m working 10am-6pm at the airport 5-7 days a week, and taking classes at UBC, 7-10pm Monday-Thursday, which leaves approximately 1-2 hours per night to do all of the following:

-Check emails/internet

I usually get the first three items done. This past week, however, I chose to socialize as well which involved 3 straight nights of going out and cutting my sleep way too short as a result. Today I slept for 40 minutes during my lunch break at work.

I don’t have time for any interesting stories with photos right now, but I will quickly relate an analogy from my POLI 370A (US Foreign Policy since 1945) prof:

When he was a kid, they went to the Outdoor School in Brackendale near Squamish and they used to have a massive pig there. One very cold morning they woke up to find the pig had become stuck – it was attached to the ground by its own frozen urine.

The camp counsellors were split into two opposing views of what to do to extricate the poor thing. One side thought they should pour warm water on the pig which would melt the ice slowly and allow it to go free in a less painful, more humane way. The others thought the pig needed to be unstuck as quickly as possible because it was clearly in pain, and figured this could be achieved by using a boat oar and a block of wood to pry it loose from the ground.

The second group won the argument not because they had a better plan but because they were louder, and proceeded to run and grab an oar. They wedged it under the pig and pried it loose, successfully freeing the poor animal.

The analogy refers to the current War in Iraq and the different competing plans for how to deal with the apparent problems there. In the end the vocal group won and the war was launched, some might say a bit too hastily. The war ended quickly with the defeat of Saddam Hussein’s forces.

The key to the analogy is this: as the pig was being pried free from the ice, it managed to give a mighty kick to the groin of one of the counsellors with its hind legs, sending him to hospital.

The prof, Brian Bow from Dalhousie, told us to take our own conclusions about how this analogy does or doesn’t apply, but I’m fairly certain you can see it pretty clearly.

3 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. if they’d have just lit a fire under it, they coulda had roast pig AND melted the ice. well, maybe the other way around.

    mmm, pulled pork.

  2. ok i’ll read the prof story later, but as for the beginning part of what you wrote: poor guy, no wonder you’ve been missing….

    amanda and ryan have been asking about you, and i said “i dunno where he is!!! he seems to be really busy nowadays”

    so when your life slows down, let’s get together alrighty.

  3. Of course you’ll be invited babe! As of right now though, there are no definite plans. (Except maybe to drink liquor. Tons. Hehehe.) We’ll either party it up on the 28th or the 29th.

    By the way, that pig analogy is gold! :)

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