Two photos

I’m still too busy to write blog entries, edit photos to post, etc. I have my two final exams on Wednesday and Thursday and then I will have time to start posting again, hopefully with lots of neat photos.

For the time being, here are two photos. I shot the pics from the rooftop of Buchanan Tower at UBC three weeks ago. I spent about half an hour up there taking photos, but most of my time was spent swatting away the dozens of little gnats trying to get a taste of my blood.

0 thoughts on “Two photos

  1. Wow…those pictures are beautiful. Good luck on your exams!

    By the way, I remember that you collect licence plates. Do you only collect BC ones? I’ve got a California licence plate from Meta. She wanted me to ask if you want it for your collection. Just let me know…

  2. Chris, first of all thanks for the Porn Lights. The will help in turning Runga into the Cafe/Brothel/Psych Ward that we who live here stive to make it.

    Anna and I had fun getting a package and the lights are already hung over my bed…now I just need some snuggle time by their soft glow!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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