GuluWalk 2006 in Vancouver

Today I walked a few kilometres with a few hundred people in Vancouver to raise money for the child night commuters in Northern Uganda. These children walk long distances every night to find a safer place to sleep in the larger towns, away from the very real risk of abduction leading to a life as a child soldier or sex slave with the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Thanks to a number of kind donors, I was able to raise $158.

I met up with my friend Kath and a bunch of strangers at UBC at 2pm and we got to Trout Lake Park just after 3pm. There was a big drumming circle which was pretty nifty.

My friend Dennis who, like Kath, went to school with me in England was there:

And, of course, Kath was there:

Dr Erin Baines, a Research Associate at the Liu Institute for Global Issues (where I work, but we’ve never met) who has done some great work on transitional justice in Northern Uganda (read this for more info), was also at the opening ceremonies and gave a moving speech.

My favourite photo from the day:

I didn’t take any photos during the walk itself as we were confined to the sidewalk in a very long, thin procession, which didn’t make for very good camera angles.

All in all it was a great day, though very tiring, and I got to meet a bunch of cool new people too!

0 thoughts on “GuluWalk 2006 in Vancouver

  1. thanks for that contest info, I would have done it if I had more time, I would have loved to promote World Peace!

  2. nifty dude, that looks like an excellent thing to do! some great shots too (as usual)

    oh, and tell your aussie friends that the living end is coming on 17 december…you mighta heard them down under…awesome band though.

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