I’m unbelievably busy these days, hence the lack of posts. It’s funny how I don’t post much when I’m not busy, because there’s nothing to post about. Yet as soon as I become busy, I have no time or energy to post.

Well, I’ll summarize a bit what I’ve been up to:

-Working part time at the Human Security Centre, though I set my alarm to 7pm by mistake on Tuesday and slept through my 9am-12pm shift!

-World Model United Nations team: we’re going to Geneva in March, so we meet every week to prepare, though I missed the Tuesday meeting at 8am because, surprise surprise, my alarm was set for 7pm.

-AMS Elections: I was hired in late October to be UBC’s Alma Mater Society Elections Administrator, which means I’m in charge of every aspect of the student government elections being held in January. Since my position was supposed to be filled in April, I have a LOT of catching up to do. My office is still a complete mess (you should have seen it when I got here) but I can move around and I have the two computers sort of working. I slept on my office couch last night and have been here working from 9am to right now – 920pm, on a Saturday.

-School: can’t forget that I have class… I had to skip a couple yesterday but I’ve been pretty good about attendance. I love school, but it can still be hard to stay awake sometimes when I haven’t had enough sleep.

-Grad school applications: working hard to get a bunch of them ready. I found two profs willing to write reference letters, so now I need to finish my letters of intent/motivation for each one, to give to my profs before they can write their letters.

-Publishing: I’ve been trying to get my work published in undergrad journals. So far, one big success: the UC Davis International Affairs Journal sent me an email the other day – they’ll be publishing my essay on Nepal’s Maoist rebellion in their Winter 2007 Quarterly journal issue! I’m currently trying to get a couple different papers done for UBC’s Journal of International Affairs and Journal of Political Studies… not sure if I’ll have time, but hopefully I will, and hopefully my stuff will be accepted.

-Website: I’ve been running www.BzzrGardens.com for the last few months. It’s a site dedicated to community development on campus at UBC through promotion of student-run and student-oriented social events such as beer gardens, barbeques, etc. It was originally set up by my brother Dan and some of his friends, but it was down for a while and now that it’s revived I’m running it solo. It has received a great response from students, which is good because I’m paying for it out of my own pocket and putting all the labour in for free. One happy student even offered to pay half the annual domain fee when I spoke with him recently.

-Hair: Badly needs cutting, but not too short because I’m balding in an ugly way and I don’t want it to show too much.

-Stress: Unbelievably high, resulting in mood swings of sadness and anger on a regular basis. Smiling is still easy around friends, which means all is not yet lost. I was ready to throw a phone at someone when the vending machine gave me a bottle of diet coke after I very clearly pressed a coke classic button. I did not throw a phone, but found another machine and got a real coke. I hate diet coke with a passion. I need real coke (coca cola) to survive.

-Christmas: A very long ways away, but I’m looking forward to 3-4 few days of rest and Boxing Day. My extended family always has a big Boxing Day potluck party at our house and I love playing with the little toddlers in the family. I took a photo of one of them, my cousin’s daughter Lauren, with my sister Jos in the summer of 2004 and gave this photo to my granny as a present:

-Now it’s time to think about Extended Nuclear Deterrence for a while, then head home to shower and sleep in a real bed.