UBC Journal of International Affairs

This year’s UBC Journal of International Affairs will have four theme areas: Environment, Human Rights & Welfare, Peace & Security, International Law.

I decided to send in five photos to be considered for the cover of the journal, and I made mock-up previews of what each one might look like as a cover. Do you like them? Or are they too standard, nothing unique/special enough? I’ll find out in January or later whether they accept one of them:

Environment (Singaporean industry contrasted with the natural beauty of the sky)

Environment (Power lines ruining a beautiful view on the East Coast of Australia)

Human Rights/Welfare (A poor hilltribe woman, near the Burmese border in Northern Thailand)

Human Rights/Welfare (An elderly man with a prosthetic leg in the Cambodian countryside, the result of being shot in the 1970s)

Human Rights/Welfare (Three poor young Cambodian girls play in the filthy, barbed-wire-filled area near the Killing Fields outside Phnom Penh)

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  1. Yo chris,

    The pics are actually pretty good. The second environment one is more subtle, but the rest are all appropriate, I think. The colour and brightness in the one of the Thai woman is a little off, but nothing that preproduction shouldn’t fix; if you haven’t sent the mockups in yet, you might want to attach a note to it saying that if they choose it, you’d be able to tweak the colour levels. Otherwise, without seeing full-scale copies to check for focus/blur, crisp focal range, chromatic aberration, and so forth, I’d say they’re quite good.


  2. All of the photos are great, but I found the bottom two particularly insightful — if I had to pick a ‘favourite’, it would be the cyclist. Good luck!

    PS: Can’t help the Pepsi addiction — and will certainly drink Coke if that’s all that’s available. I just happen to prefer the former. Sometimes it feels lonely being a Pepsi addict; my husband is a Coke drinker, for one! Fortunately that doesn’t seem to cause any marital discord.

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