The Halfway Mark

The internet in Buea, Cameroon is really something unique. I’m able to check email a couple times a week usually, but many websites are too intense for the snailspeed internet here to access. is one of these, so I have not been able to log into my blog interface to update this site.

Photos are, for now, out of the question. I have been selecting pics that I will put up here when I have a decent connection, so rest assured that many photos (over 160 already chosen, only halfway through my trip) will appear here eventually. These pics may, however, only appear in September when I arrive back in Europe.

As for my adventures, in the last month I’ve continued teaching French classes (which will end this week), I spent a few weeks going to our new school construction site and helping with the building of a new vocational unit for wood workshop and metalwork and that sort of thing, I went with 9 other volunteers to Mamfé, a town north and west from here, near the border with Nigeria (it’s the major petrol smuggling point from Nigeria, you can’t even buy Cameroonian petrol there), and I got malaria.

The malaria wasn’t too bad, as I realized what it was almost immediately and got myself the medical attention I needed. I had the fun Plasmodium falciparum variety which is apparently very uncommon for foreigners here, though the doctor’s explanation for this was not very clear at all.

I’m still enjoying my stay after 42 days and I have another 42 days left, as I fly back to Europe on August 27th.

Feel free to email me at chris [at] if you want to hear more details or whatnot, and don’t be surprised if the reply comes from chris.photodiarist [at], as I have my emails forwarded since I cannot check through my own server’s webmail facilities using this net connection.