Mamfe road trip

On the 5th of July, we headed northwest from Buea up to Mamfe, a town near the border with Nigeria, for a weekend trip. First, we filled up on gas and felt like the bus would fall over.

Then we got on the road, and of course had to pass a few creatures sharing the asphalt with the cars.

Within a few minutes, we had a flat tire, a very common occurrence. John, our driver, quickly got the tools out as we stretched our legs.

Orock wheeled the new tire over, and John set to work.

We had to cross through a few ‘puddles’ of course.

This sign on the door to the toilet greatly amused us.


Japhet fell asleep on John’s shoulder.

More scenery:

The problems started as night approached, with muddy roads torn up by big trucks making our trip difficult. Over the course of several hours, we got stuck and unstuck many times, had to pull and be pulled out of mud, ruts, ditches, before we finally arrived in Mamfe.

Due to the organisation’s lack of organisation, we had no shovels, no proper tow rope (we had to use two seatbelts), and no boards to make it easier to get unstuck. They got a proper talking-to the next morning from us.

Finally, after 13.5 hours, we arrived in Mamfe, bruised and tired, but happy to get some sleep finally.