Mamfe (continued)

After a good night’s rest after our arrival in Mamfe, we set out for a small trip around town, which included a stop at the “German Bridge” and another bridge by the river up which petrol and other goods are smuggled from Nigeria. I bought some Monkey Kola to eat. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a local delicacy: giant grub grown in special compost heaps made of particular types of plants. Once it has been opened up, you can see the gooey bit and eat it.

Here you see one of the organs (the locals didn’t know which organ though), which looks kind of like a monkey brain to me – maybe that’s where the name comes from?

In the hotel, Room 1 had this interesting sign. I love accidental spelling errors.

This is the German Bridge, built by (you guessed it) the Germans when they colonized Cameroon way back a hundred years ago. The British and French took over the country after WWI and Germany’s defeat but this scary suspension bridge has lasted. It’s just a bunch of boards nailed one to another on top of some metal cables! No railing either!

Advertisements for beer are everywhere in developing countries, and Cameroon is no exception. These ones are a bit old, but nifty!

These are the boats used to smuggle petrol and other goods from Nigeria. Note the empty beer bottles in the middle boat.

We also spent one evening at the only dance club / disco in Mamfe. One wealthy businessman, who was supposedly favoured as the next mayor in the elections that were coming up at that time, was also there and paid for all of our drinks and food at the club!

The house band guitarist was particularly skilled – he could play behind his back!

To be continued . . .