The Porcupine Incident

On the 7th of July we headed out to Etoko, a small village outside Mamfe, much poorer than Buea or Mamfe.

We spent a lot of the time just walking around the village with a big group of little children to lead us:

Bran (Welsh volunteer) with a playful kid:

Javi (Spanish volunteer) shows a child a new way to look at the world:

Dried porcupine, local delicacy (we ate some in Etoko, but a few people got food poisoning and the next day I got sick, and this dried one smelled up our bus, so none of us could face the concept of porcupine after that)

Eventually we had to head back to Mamfe to watch two football matches between the village teams as part of United Action for Children’s Community Sports for Development Program in cooperation with FIFA. We picked up one of the teams on our way:

Some of us had to quickly stop by the hotel to get ready for the match:

Brendan clearly enjoyed having the porcupine ‘vest’ during the ride:

The matches themselves were pretty good! First the women’s teams played, followed by the men. Some volunteers joined each team, while I took photos from the sidelines. Check out the field they play on, complete with water hazards!

More next time . . .