Grand Opening Ceremony

On July 30th we had the official opening of the new vocational unit building that I mentioned in the previous post. Here are a few of the students:

The crowd gathered for the event:

George showed the chiefs the puzzles made by students in woodworking class to sell:

Rosemarie and Bram, the two Dutch volunteers who led the fundraising effort for the vocational unit, were of course the guests of honour at the ceremony and went through a little ritual cleansing before the ribbon was cut from across the main doors to the building.

Students watching from the other set of stairs:

Henry, who played a huge role in coordinating the builders and keeping close tabs on the budget and work schedule:

Rosemarie and Bram again:

Touring the new building:

Everyone went home happy (and full, after a big meal)

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  1. I miss you like crazy, chris! I’m glad everything’s working out so well, and I’m so glad you’re all healthy again.

    Happy thanksgiving, too. I’m thankful for you being in my life!

    love always

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