Creature Photography

Over the course of the three months I spent in Cameroon, I managed to take a few photos of strange creatures. It was rainy season, so there were not as many opportunities to take wildlife photographs as one might expect. I was also living in a densely populated, garbage-strewn city, so there was not so much wildlife right by my house.

Geckos are of course everywhere in Cameroon, and the more the merrier – they keep the mosquitoes at bay and they make no noise and no mess!

Various types of lizard also live all over the place, like this one near the ceiling outside one of the school buildings on the new site:

I really liked these colourful lizards. The males were colourful like this, the females rather dull and smaller. This one is near the beach:

Centipede on the path at the new school site, with size perspective from someone’s hand:

We found this guy sitting on the root of a tree at the beach:

This is the inside of my bedroom door. This beast didn’t live to see this photo unfortunately:

We couldn’t identify this species, but she was very cute and cuddly:

These guys liked to chill outside my house, which they were not allowed to do:

Maybe an anthropologist knows what this is? I don’t, and I’m the one who made it with my food…

This skink decided to visit us on our table on another beach trip. It seems every beach trip (I only went 3 times the whole summer) resulted in neat little creatures showing up! Seems he was interested in reading my book, Globalization and its Discontents, by Joseph Stiglitz.

The colour combination of the plastic bag and tablecloth, combined with the effect of the maximum possible aperture of f/4.0 on my lens, created a neat effect in this one:

To get Mr Skink back off the table and into his natural environment (and also to take a nice photo) I carefully got him to climb into this empty glass for transport: