Uppsala views

Here are a few shots of the areas I frequent here in Uppsala and environs:

In bearable weather we cycle along the river, and there are a couple of stretches of tree-covered path:

There’s also this field where we see deer sometimes (I saw two there today on my ride home)

There’s a tower for bird-watching at one point, and it has a railing so that people don’t fall into the river:

On the other side of the river is a typical Swedish country home – you see this type of house in this exact colour all over the place in Sweden!

Still by the river, but closer to home, there’s a little wharf with a picnic table. Wharf needs post to hold it up:

Uppsala Castle – well, one of the towers at least. It’s built on the high point of Uppsala city centre area, but I haven’t bothered trying to get inside yet:

On another day, stopped to take another photo of that same house, and a rainbow appeared!

That day, Lena and Wiebke were also riding home with me so we all took photos. Lena:


Bulrushes growing by the river close to my house:

Try to figure this one out:

That same post, photographed two weeks after the one above. Yep, that’s snow, AFTER most of it melted:

For those last three pics, Sulagna accompanied me on my walk down to the river and for some distance along it, so we took a photo of her in the snow – her first time in snow! I taught her pretty much everything I know about snow, so she’s well-versed now. She also participated in our lengthy snowball fight a few days later.