There hasn’t been too much to update about lately, and I haven’t taken many photos since Christmas. So, this will be a very short post with very few photos, sorry.

I left Uppsala on December 21st after finishing my International Law exam, headed by train to Göteborg (Gothenburg in English) on the west coast of Sweden, to visit the family of my friend Vania. I spent two days with her parents, Mohammad and Jinus, and her sister Sonia, and really enjoyed myself.

Then, on the 23rd, I took a train down to København (Köpenhamn in Swedish, Copenhagen in English) to spend Christmas there. My friend Nina lives there and left me the keys to her apartment to stay for free, and my friend Mike arrived in the evening from Paris to join me. We basically just lounged around for a few days, caught up on old times, explored the city in the rain and fog.

I saw Mike off at the airport on the 27th for his flight back to Vancouver after a year spent in Paris. The next day I got to hang out with Nina as she had returned from spending Christmas with family, and we got to catch up on everything that had happened since we last saw each other. I stayed in København until the morning of the 30th when I caught my train back to Uppsala.

On New Year’s Eve I had no plans, so I went online to CouchSurfing.com to see if anything open was planned for the evening, and found an open party invite. I convinced two friends to join me, and together we met up with the party-goers for a beach party indoors. The hosts had spent tonnes of time decorating a few rooms in the house to be tropical and cranked the heat way up, and we made a bunch of new friends and had a great time.

Our last class of the first semester began January 8th, Geopolitics and Conflict, with a very interesting and knowledgeable prof, Dr Kjell-Åke Nordquist. I would say it’s been my favourite class so far, and last week Kjell-Åke (almost everyone in Sweden goes on a first name basis, strangers or otherwise) agreed to be my thesis supervisor, which is great news for me.

I’m also moving out of my current apartment soon. I already have the keys to the new place, but going to coordinate my move next week with my friend Greg, who’s also moving into the same apartment.

And that’s about all I’ve been up to.

4 thoughts on “2008

  1. I like the tower thingy with the windy stairs and the statue guy on top…

    wow i should write architectural descriptions for a living with those adjectives :)

  2. Dear Mr. Anderson, I had an amazing time at Cold Fusion last night. I had meant to drunk facebook you (and tell you how amazing it was) – but alas, I was too drunk to figure out how to use my computer. Anywho. Noor, Mike and everyone else say hi. Hope Sweden is treating you well.

  3. hellooooooo!!! how’ve you been. havent seen u online at all. anyway, just to catch up, 2008 hasnt been too good. looks like a bad start.

    how are things with you? i didnt know u studied law? i’m finishing up my design course and taking a trip to taiwan, then melbourne soon.

    well speak to u soon, email me with some updates. i sometimes miss my comments. are u still in sweden?

    catch up!

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