Terrorist violence is NOT increasing, according to the real experts

In December 2006, I put up a short post concerning the decreasing number of wars in the world as outlined in the Human Security Brief 2006, the follow-up to the well-respected Human Security Report 2005. Today, the Human Security Brief 2007 was released by the Human Security Report Group at Simon Fraser University‘s School for International Studies. (They were formally based at the Human Security Centre at UBC, when I worked there.)

I highly recommend you take at least a quick look, and think twice when you hear or read people saying that terrorism is an ever-increasing problem, wars are on the rise, etc. They need a sharp lesson in real world stats. And I’ll keep hoping that this trend doesn’t reverse.

“Challenging the expert consensus that the threat of global terrorism is increasing, the Human Security Brief 2007 reveals a sharp net decline in the incidence of terrorist violence around the world.”

For more info, see: http://www.humansecuritybrief.info/

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