Trip across Canada

My dad and I went back to Nova Scotia from July 14-19 to visit family, and on the plane there we had terrific, near-cloudless weather all the way to Toronto so I took photos with my point-and-shoot. East of Toronto there were too many clouds for good photos. Here are a few of the ones I liked best, showing a variety of places in Canada:

BC Rockies:

Alberta / Saskatchewan Prairies:

/ Ontario Canadian Shield:

Crazy lake scenery:

Just outside Toronto:

Toronto’s downtown core:

Next post: Visiting my family in Nova Scotia, on the Atlantic Coast.

3 thoughts on “Trip across Canada

  1. Hi! I'm not sure if you're interested but I made a little animation of this exact voyage (BC -> Ontario)

    I used my memory and google earth for image references, but these photos would definitely have come in handy!

    Can't wait to hear about Nova Scotia (I wanna go there!!)

  2. I usually don’t pay too much attention on flights, but was looking forward to seeing pretty Canadia when I flew home, but it was cloudy… but great pics to make up for it!!!

    On a second note, ah! crop circles!

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