I’ve got a bad habit of leaving a lot of time between posts, then posting tonnes of photos in a day or two, then forgetting about my blog again for a while. Just over three weeks ago, when I was still in Vancouver, I went to the 2008 HSBC Celebration of Light with a bunch of friends. I only managed to go to the first and third performances, Canada and China (July 23 and 30). I later heard bad things about the American show, and the finale (which is really just a recap with a short show from each country) is never the best to watch, so I wasn’t too bothered that I missed those. Besides, I missed the American show to go to my friend Nelson’s bachelor party, and I missed the finale to go camping with two dozen amazing people on a beach in the middle of nowhere.

I always enjoy going to the fireworks with my good buddy Stash and whoever else will join us. It’s a busy event, with over 1.4 million people attending each year (I’m guessing this is spread over the 4 nights) so we always get there early to get a good spot in English Bay for a head-on view.

I took a few photos of friends who were there, but other people also played around with my camera so I can’t be 100% certain that I took each of these portrait shots, I only distinctly remember some of them.




Jack Hind Smith:


Sean and Ashley:






Of course, I took photos of the flying explosives too! As usual I didn’t bother bringing a tripod, too much hassle and it’s not like I’m going to sell any of these photos, so they don’t need to be perfect. So only a few came out clear enough and nice enough to post. Partly cuz I accidentally had the aperture set at f/4.0… oh well! These four are from Canada’s show on Wednesday, July 23:

After fireworks, we went to eat Phở on Broadway just West of Cambie at our 24 hr Phở hangout, Phở Kim Penh Xe Lua. In Vancouver this summer I ate Phở 2-4 times a week. Delicious.

The following week, on Wednesday, July 30, we watched China’s show. I’ve always liked China’s shows the most because, although their music and fireworks are not usually very well-synchronized, they always seem to have the biggest bangs and brightest colours and whatnot. Canada’s show had been a little disappointing. Amazingly well-timed with the music, but no real build-up or peak, it just sort of went on and then ended not with a bang but a whimper.

While waiting for the show to start, more portrait shots!

Stash, making one of his child-eating ogre faces:

Lesley-Ann and Sarina:

The Le-Todd-Bob-3000:


Fireworks! Made in China.

Yes, this IS a smiley face. Never seen these ones before, they were terrific:

Afterward, we went to Phở of course, and all slept contentedly, knowing we had got our fill of fireworks and Phở for the evening.