Thailand-bound, again.

I’m flying out of Sweden tomorrow (Nov 3) to London, where I’ll spend a night at my friend’s place, then morning of the 4th back to the airport to hit the air en route to Thailand with a brief stopover in Kuwait. I would have arranged to spend a night or two in Kuwait if I could have, but my ticket didn’t allow it. Never been to Kuwait… yet.

I’m scheduled to land at the new Bangkok airport on the 5th, meet up with a couple of friends for a couple of nights, then travel north and west to meet some people I’ve never met before, and try and get my thesis research done. We’ll see how successful I am, but I’m not too worried. The worst-case scenario is that I end up having to justify my trip as a vacation rather than academic trip, and enjoy as much amazing food and adventure as possible.

At present, my return ticket to Sweden is booked for February 25th, but it’s possible I may need/choose to change it to an earlier or later date, depending on how things go with research and trying to find myself an internship somewhere in SE Asia. If you know of any internships related to humanitarian work, please let me know!

I expect to defend my thesis in late March, or April, if all goes well. In the meantime, hopefully I can regularly find net connections good enough to post updates, with pics. If I’m slow to respond to emails, please don’t be offended – it just means I’ve been away from net cafes for a few days.