Meal on wheels

On Thursday I was woken up at noon by a phone call from Pieter and within 10 minutes I was in the back of a pickup truck. Tommy kept his head shaded with a towel and Pieter stayed hydrated with a water bottle, while I tried to figure out where I was and what was going on.

We picked up a huge pot of food and some toys, and off we went down the highway. Two random pics I took on that ride:

This is the massive pot of meat and potatoes:

After a while we reached a small school for migrants from Karen State, in Burma. We were invited to stay for their Baptist Christian worship service, which was already underway it seemed. It took over an hour nonetheless, the vast majority of which owed purely to the sermon and final prayer (which itself was 8 minutes of uninterrupted speech by the pastor with his eyes closed). Quite painful due to our sitting arrangements, but the children were great and the singing was nice and it wasn’t too hot.

Everyone’s shoes outside the classroom used for the service:

Some of the kids:

With that over, we headed past the takraw court (like volleyball but only feet, knees, chest, and head can be used to hit the ball)…

…and on to the dining area. Here, the kids lined up and received a bowl of rice prepared by the school, and meat and potatoes (with great spices, it was really tasty!). The servings were huge and every hungry kid seemed to finish it.

You can’t tell unless you zoom in on my full-sized version of this image, but this boy’s shirt says “Wasilla, Alaska” on it. Yep, the town where Sarah Palin used to be mayor.

On the way home, Pieter showed off two mosquito bites on his arm which caused him great anxiety. Unlike the rest of us, he never gets bitten.

That evening, Federico visited us again. He seems to come by every night and hang out in a couple of different places. As I write this I can see him walking over toward my shoes. I hope he doesn’t take up residence inside one of them.

On Friday I heard a loud commotion out on the street, so I grabbed my camera and put my shoes on and found a series of marching bands. It was some sort of national sports day, and each school prepared some sort of parade group. Some of the outfits were very strange (mainly the shoes).

Others were really fancy and neat!

Saturday night was another, even bigger, adventure but that’ll be the subject of the next post.