Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary

After the waterfalls, we headed on to try and find the Highland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary, about 10km farther along the road. We arrived a few minutes later and spent a bit over half an hour walking around and taking photos. When we arrived we met a French family who are driving an RV around the world for 5 years! Parents, two children, and a baby, really nice to chat and they showed us some terrific photos of a visit to an orangutan place elsewhere in Thailand.

Anywho, the gibbon sanctuary takes care of mistreated and injured gibbon apes, and they’ve got quite a few! Really amazing creatures – I highly recommend a quick visit to the sanctuary if you have a chance. Remember, gibbons aren’t monkeys, they’re lesser apes. The scenery on the way there is also really nice if you take the windy road instead of the main highway.

There are a few other animals being cared for at the sanctuary as well, including a few monkeys.

The gibbons sing in a really unique way, very trippy, so I had to take a video of it. If you have earphones the sound will be a bit more accurate than normal computer speakers.