30 photos in and around Mae Sot

I’ve taken far too many photos lately to post online, so instead I’m going to post 30 randoms without much background. Leave a comment if you have a question!

Blanket delivery to a migrant school:



Burma’s ethnic groups:

Food delivery to a migrant school:

Wat Thai Wattanaram:

The climb to Wat Phra That Doi Din Kiu:

A Kukri Snake, supposedly native only to the south of Thailand, and usually nocturnal:

Temple before dawn:

Pieter’s ghost:

Hand-digging a well for a migrant school:

Building new latrines for a migrant school:


Fill ‘er up!

0 thoughts on “30 photos in and around Mae Sot

  1. did you take the temple before dawn pic with your dslr or your point and shoot? it’s sooo surrealistically pretty.

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