Dear reader, if you live in Vancouver and you’re reading this, then “Surprise!” I just took my 100th and 101st lifetime flights from Bangkok to Taipei and Taipei to Vancouver, respectively.

I am here, unannounced beforehand, until January 3. Sorry for not warning anyone, but I wanted this to be a big surprise for my family, which meant not telling anyone at all, no matter how close. Only my brother Matt, living in Yellowknife, knew about this.

I have my cell phone with me, same number as last summer, different from the number I had previously: 778.316.2129. Preferably text me if you want to get in touch, as it’s far cheaper for me to be sending texts than speaking on the phone. Or email me.

Current New Year’s Eve plan is to go to the King’s Head Inn on Yew Street, unless close friends have other plans.