2 weeks in Vancouver – Assorted Photos

I flew into Vancouver December 17 to surprise my family and friends for Christmas, and this is what it looked like from the plane:

Waiting in the car for my sisters, this was what I was looking at:

I bought a shirt for $3 in Bangkok the day before flying out, and my friend Margarita Reyes decided it needed to be Christmassified, so she got out her red and white felt and made a Santa hat to pin on my shirt!

On one of my many walks in the snow, I took a few photos of art drawn in the snow on parked cars:

Waiting for two of many late buses, I took these shots:

I had two physiotherapy sessions while I was in town. My physio says that my knee is doing very well, and I’ve got some exercises to do to make it even better. This is the view from inside his office on Granville St, while warming up on the stationary bike:

We put up a tree and decorated it really quickly, but it looked really nice.

Mom carved the turkey on Christmas Day, having cooked it as well – it was delicious!

Every year on Boxing Day we have a big family get-together for my mom’s side of the family. This year the snow was way too crazy so we held the party on the 28th instead. People:

On New Year’s Eve, I joined a whole bunch of great people to celebrate the end of a very long year. After gathering out at UBC, we went to the King’s Head to dance and sing along to Monkeybar’s terrific live act.

My friend Sarina even made a surprise guest appearance!

To add to the excitement, my high school English and English Literature teacher, Mrs Nannery, was partying with us! Margarita and Josephine were equally excited.

Stash got to sing along with Steve for a couple songs, which was great.

After the party ended, a group of us went to eat Phở at Kim Penh Xe Lua before we all headed home to bed.

On the night of the 2nd, out at UBC, a couple of raccoons weren’t particularly afraid of me, though the snow got in the way of my cheap camera’s flash.

On the 3rd I ran around town madly buying a few things and hanging out with some friends, then just after midnight I flew out of Vancouver. I landed back in Thailand on January 5th just before noon and the adventures continued…