The Mae Sot Garbage Dump

In a previous post in January, I posted a downloadable large-size photo of the dump in Mae Sot, Thailand. It is/was (the ‘was’ is the subject of a post to come in two days’ time) home to many migrants from Burma, who pick through the trash to find recyclable plastic and certain types of metal, which they take to a depot to earn a minuscule (and I really mean minuscule) amount of money. My friend is making a documentary film about the situation, and he asked me to join him to help out a bit and take some photos as well. We met many of the dump inhabitants who shared their stories and the problems they encounter with the Thai authorities, as they are undocumented migrants. They want their story shared, even though there is a risk that more attention will increase Thai authorities’ efforts to ‘solve’ the ‘problem’ of Burmese migrants, as they see it.

A man and his child at the dump:

There were a LOT of people living at the dump, around 300 according to many estimates.

After trash has been delivered by garbage trucks, the Hyundai excavator moves it onto the massive piles of garbage that rise skyward.

In the next post on this site in a couple days you can see another, far less innocent, activity the excavator was used for…

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