Golfing in Thailand

In the afternoon (same day as the last post), it was time to de-stress a little with a relaxing activity – golf at the driving range! Yes, Mae Sot has a driving range, and the locals are too smart to use it in the midday heat so Pieter, Gareth, and I had no problem finding spots. None of us are golfers, but at the driving range, our main goal was just to hit the ball as far as we possibly could, using as much brute power as possible, rather than focusing on perfecting our technique.

My downswing looks more like a hockey slapshot than a golf swing, but I was hitting 150-200 metres regularly, and we weren’t even using drivers! Not bad for our standards!

Gareth gets mixed up on occasion and launches the golf club rather than the ball. Luckily no one was hurt and the club was undamaged. He nearly made the 50 metre mark!

Back at the guesthouse, another guest kindly shared some of this crazy, crazy fruit with me. It’s really tasty! You just take the outer casing off, and it’s very similar to lychee inside (in fact, it’s closely related). It’s called Rambutan and you should eat it if you see it. It’ll make you happy.

Here’s a random photo from a different night. It’s a toad that used to come by once every evening for a while, then stopped visiting, which means he’s probably on display in the window at someone’s local taxidermist in Australia.

3 thoughts on “Golfing in Thailand

  1. i can’t believe you havent had rambutan!! if i had known i would’ve bought u some the last time you came here! it’s a popular fruit in asia, but i hate eating it, coz the flesh is constantly stuck to the husk of the seed.

    and i never knew they had shoeless golfing hahaha :]

  2. Is your friend golfing with scrubs?

    Does Rambuttan make you happy because it’s so tasty? Or…?

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