Leaving Pyin U Lwin by Train

Ok, after a LONG pause, I’ve got reliable net access for a while, and in the next weeks a whole bunch of posts with photos from February to present will go up every 2-3 days. Let’s get started back on February 6th.

I woke up in Pyin U Lwin and caught a motorcycle to the train station at 8am. The train arrived late, but not excessively so. While I was waiting, I met two Polish backpackers who were nice to speak with, and I took a few photos around the station:

A display of the typical Myanmar Railways attitude toward time – this photo taken at 0840:

On board, I took a bunch of photos leaning out the windows/doors, and at various stops along the way:


We stopped for quite a while right beside this gravel processing facility. The men and women were carrying heavy piles of stones around and dumping them into the sorting machine – the smaller ones would come out one end and the bigger ones on another end, and then they’d be dumped in different piles. Almost all of them did this with no masks to protect their lungs from inhaling the fine dust that filled the air…

This man gave me a broad smile as the train started moving again: