Hsipaw, Shan State

Having arrived in Hsipaw, I hung around town for a couple of days and took it easy. This post is just a random assortment of 8 photos from my short stay in Hsipaw.

I met a few other travellers at the guesthouse, and spent time with them for meals and conversation. While having a beer, this guy visited our table:

Buddhist nuns walking down the street in Hsipaw:

Interesting billboard in Hsipaw:

At the market, among other things for sale, were every part of a pig. Featured here: legs and brains.

Helmets with the distinctive shape of the WWII Nazi army helmets have become hugely popular for motorcyclists in Thailand and Burma recently. A small number of them even have the Nazi swastika on them! Very strange.

Oxcarts are everywhere in Burma:

This man was leading his water buffalo through town, not sure why, but it was making an amusing face:

So those are the photos I took in Hsipaw. On February 8th, I started a very long walk in the company of three other Canadians I had met in the guesthouse. More on that fun-filled trek in the coming posts.