A trip down the Irrawaddy River – Part 2 – A Sinbo Stopover

When our boat stopped in Sinbo, Kachin State, after several hours on the Irrawaddy River, everyone clambered out onto the shore. Us four foreigners headed to the only guesthouse where foreigners were allowed, then I took a walk around the small town before evening came.

This monkey was tied beside the outhouse. I felt like untying him, but there would have been no way to do that since he was kinda fearsome:

These two stupas, one relatively new and the other very, very old, stand close to the bank of the river:

Down by the water were a bunch of old boats sitting around slowly rotting, and a bunch of newer ones being built or repaired. Here are some shots of three beached boats and some men working on others:

On the walk home, a local asked me to sit down with him for a bit to chat. Of course, he spoke no English so the conversation was extremely limited. But his kids were playing around, so I took a few pics of them:

The day wasn’t particularly eventful, but it was relaxing and nice. The next morning we were up nice and early to continue down the river… photos of that in a couple of days.