Night Photography Fun

One evening I was quite bored, and the stars were really clear in the sky outside my room on the rooftop, so I got out my dSLR to take a few photos. With no tripod, and a lens not designed for star photography, I didn’t get anything amazing, but some nice memories anyways. Here’s the star photo I took, which is nothing too special:

However, with a quick adjustment on the computer, the same photo turns into this:

The reason I find this second copy interesting is that you see some ‘red’ stars and some ‘blue’ stars. If you have some knowledge of physics or you’ve taken an astronomy course before, you probably know the reason for this (for non-Science Faculty students who need Science credits, I highly recommend UBC’s ASTR 311 taught by Peter Newbury – if he’s still teaching the course). First correct comment wins a free beer from me next time we’re in the same city.

Then I thought I should have some fun so I tried to make a semi-transparent self-portrait with a starry background. Out of 16 tries (each one was a 30 second exposure), these two were good enough for me:

I tried to show a friend how you can make a photo of a foot with no leg, but she didn’t move her leg fast enough and the lighting was perhaps a bit bright, so it turned into the photo below. If you do it properly, you should see a clear foot, a blurry ankle, and the rest of the leg should be invisible.

It was May 15th, which was May 14th in BC, only two days after the provincial elections there, so a quick headlamp photo seemed appropriate before heading to bed: