Various Other Creatures

Here are a few more critters from my time near the China/Burma border that didn’t make it into the bugs posts or frogs post.

A hawk that circled over the compound for a while one afternoon:

I don’t know what this animal is called, but I think it’s a type of marsupial. A friend had him in a tiny cage outside his house, a gift from his hunter brother who didn’t want to care for it anymore. They’re super easy prey for hungry villagers in the area, and this one apparently had some kind of injury when he was caught, but I told my friend he really needed to build or buy a much bigger cage soon if he couldn’t release it back into the jungle. Cute little guy, loved his bananas, but he didn’t seem too happy in his cage:

Someone’s pet parrot:

There are tonnes of geckos in this area, as there seem to be everywhere in Southeast Asia, and I’m always happy to see them in my room as they gobble up insects. This one seems to be a bit territorial, as I’ve found him most days in different places. He’s also tiiiiiiny! About an inch long. I have small hands and thin fingers, and it’s a normal thin wire in the photos:

This gecko made a loud noise on the outside of my bathroom window as he caught a snack:

This gecko in the laundry room bit the dust a few days before, by the looks of it:

As in most places I visit, I ran into another curious creature on this trip. She couldn’t run as fast as me, but she did somehow manage to catch a bird with her hands: