My High School Graduation

Ok, so it wasn’t MY high school graduation… but I was there.

On June 13th, just 3 days after landing in Canada, my youngest sister (Lisa) had her high school graduation ceremony, which was great. She sang in the choir, including a terrific solo, and she won an award as top English student and top AV student. Plus there were TV crews there because a former student who had to quit school in WWII to earn money for his family was getting an honourary diploma. Here are a few photos from the event:

During her solo:

Receiving her diploma (actually the cover is empty, they get their diplomas in the mail in the summertime hehe)

English award:

AV award co-winners:

With the parents:

With Tony Araujo, the choir director:

4/5 siblings with Mrs Nannery, our former English and English Lit teacher, who is also currently a Vice-Principal. Check out my ridiculous ‘stache: