Photos from Nova Scotia – Part I

After arriving in East Ship Harbour on my bicycle, worn out from the long days of cycling in the summer heat with far too many hills for someone of my fitness level, I was glad to relax for two weeks and enjoy my grandmother’s cooking in the company of my uncle John, my sisters Lisa and Jos, and Jos’s boyfriend Matt.

John, me, and Lisa in the oceanside yard:

Grandma and Jos:


Grandma is a terrific baker. She definitely helped me regain the weight lost on my cycle trip!

I got to be lazy the whole two weeks I was visiting, as John took care of all the mowing and other hard manual work so that we could relax.

The beautiful view looking East from the house:

On the 8th, us four younger ones drove into Halifax for a few hours to take care of some practical stuff that couldn’t easily be done in the countryside. The highway is windy and hilly, but it only takes about 1 hour 20 mins by car to do what I did in a day’s worth of cycling…

While I sat in a coffee shop using the high speed internet, a big tank type thing rolled past, as if the War Measures Act had been implemented!

Turns out it’s part of a small daily parade put on by the military during peak tourist season…

I didn’t speak to this fellow coffee drinker, but I bet he would have had something interesting to tell me. I like his bow-tie.

The girls did some laundry at a laundromat, and I caught up to them after printing a few photos elsewhere. The laundromat has a strange rule against drinking juice, pop, or coffee. They only allow people to drink containers for some reason…

In the afternoon we headed back out of town past the more industrialised parts of the harbour and across the bridge to hit the highway home:

The next day, we visited a couple of old friends a few miles down the road. They’ve got two dogs, really cute little things! The first one can’t sit still, jumps all over the place, runs in circles, and is generally just hilarious to watch. The other is a lot better behaved and perhaps more photogenic.

As we arrived home after our visit, the sun was setting behind the power lines, and we were soon having our supper and preparing for a quiet evening at home.