A Week in Toronto

After 378km of cycling over 4 days, I arrived in Toronto on July 25th. I stayed with my friend Jackie, who somehow managed to put up with me for a whole week! Then I flew to Vancouver.

I spent my time in Toronto walking around a lot, meeting up with a few old friends like Bill, who was my roommate in England in our first year of university, Alvin who used to climb rooftops with me, and Amanda with whom I inflated a bunch of balloons and half-filled a phone booth in Edinburgh one time.

I didn’t take very many photos in Toronna, but here are a few:

The Ontario College of Art and Design, which is not to my taste at all, but is at least quite creative and intriguing:

A building more to my liking, University College, on the University of Toronto campus as the sun was going down a little after 8pm:

On the 28th, I was hanging out with my friend Amanda when we chanced upon a free open-air performance of King Lear in a park near her work. We ended up watching it, and it was really good!

This bench was in the same park:

And a blurry no-flash shot of the play:

On the 30th of July, I bought a cheap ukulele which required a ridiculously long walk west down Bloor Street, past Ossington (if you’re familiar with Toronto, you’ll know how far that is from College and McCaul). On the long walk there, I passed this famous store but didn’t go inside:

On the 31st, I boxed up my bicycle and sent it by Greyhound to Vancouver, and on August 1st Jackie and I went to the Caribana festival down by the water. It was terribly organised, just a whole bunch of people wandering around, uncoordinated. It was fun to people-watch, but the parade was quite disappointing and didn’t yield any good photos.

After leaving Caribana, Jackie and I returned to her apartment where I picked up my bags to head to the airport, and flew to Vancouver for a four week family visit.

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