Fixing the bridge

There’s a very small bridge with an old red picket fence at the family place on Bowen Island, and I’ve always really liked this little bridge. I find it really picturesque and have admired it since I was a young child. But this summer, a dead tree fell down nearby and landed on the bridge!

This is what it looked like:

I decided to try and fix it, so I enlisted some help from my brother Dan (on his birthday) to help me cut the dead tree, which took us a LONG time. We used a bow saw most of the time:

We used an axe as well, which was useful in making an angled cut on the top:

…but not so useful when the axe handle broke (it was very old)

Once the tree problem was solved, I took the pieces of the red picket fence to the cabin patio to work on a flat surface. My dad and I used some other old scrap wood as crosspieces to put them all back together.

Once we were happy with the fence, we took it back to the bridge. We drove two rusty old metal pipes into the ground and lashed the fence onto those:

The next day, I was walking up the path and two deer came walking toward me so I stopped and took photos, as they crossed the bridge after pausing to smell the fence where we had lashed it on:

Here’s a before/during/after montage:

Hopefully it lasts a while like this!