10 random photos in Vancouver

After a week on Bowen in early August, I was back in Vancouver by Aug 6 preparing for my trip to the UK and beyond. While I was in Vancouver, I took these random photos:

Buddhist monks near my sister’s house:

Somehow I would have thought the condiments would be stored more securely while driving:

This guy’s a trooper – he took his two dogs with him on a bicycle tour!

My sister Lisa showed me one of the EatArt projects – a massive solar-powered tricycle named Daisy that can carry a whole bunch of people:

Jos and I went to Jess’s house where we were serenaded by Jess’s guitar skills:

Then we went to a concert a few doors from the corner of Main and Hastings. The band wasn’t terrible, except that every song sounded exactly like the last.

I walked home from the concert, as I enjoy long walks at night, and passed this little bit of art someone had left by the curb:

On another day, driving to a store, I passed by Freeman Wright, a business founded by my uncle Peter Wright (who died in 1999). There was no Mr Freeman, my uncle just thought it sounded good, and the business did well so I guess he knew what he was doing. Turns out the business, which is no longer in the family, is moving:

On August 11th, Jos and I went cycling down to the Southlands, where lots of rich people live. A bunch of them own horses, so it’s common to see them if you head down there:

Below our back porch, for a short while it looked like we were operating some kind of bicycle shop as we had 6 bikes parked there! Normally there are zero. My bikes are the one in the centre foreground and centre leaning against the post.