Cement, motorcycles, and food

I was back in Vancouver from August 18-29. During a walk with a friend, we crossed the Granville Street Bridge and saw this cement plant filling up trucks and sending them off:

Despite the time crunch, I finally took motorcycle lessons in my last week in Vancouver. I went to ProRide, which is based at Capilano University in North Vancouver. The instructors, the material, and the practical lessons were really terrific! I learned a lot, and their method of teaching really made it easy to absorb the important information and techniques. We were given tonnes of feedback, constructive criticism, and encouragement throughout the course.

I finished the ProRide motorcycle training on August 25th, took a mock road test on August 26th with a ProRide instructor, and passed the government road exam on August 28th with no demerits.

On August 27th, I went with Josephine to Our Community Bikes, the shop where I built my touring bicycle in June for my long trips in Eastern Canada. Dan had picked up a free old bike frame which was really nice but in rough shape, so Jos and I spent a few hours at Our Community Bikes taking it apart, cleaning it all out, and getting it to work. This is what the bottom bracket looked like when we removed the cranks:

On the 28th, after passing my motorcycle road test in Burnaby, I went out to UBC for dinner. Lyndsay had invited me to join her flatmates for an amazing homemade meal. I helped a tiny bit with the garlic bread, but mostly just ‘supervised’ as the girls did an amazing job preparing all sorts of deliciousness. Lyndsay’s terrific garlic bread:

Lyndsay’s flatmates also made delectable edibles, like Laurelle’s crazy creation which made for a delicious dessert:

The next day, August 29th, I was airborne once again, en route to London, England for a 6 month humanitarian logistics internship at the head office of Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin).