Assorted pictures of Juba, South Sudan

My work in Juba has kept me far too busy to maintain this blog properly, though I hope to catch up a little during my current three week vacation (in Canada!). Here are some random photos I took in my first month and a half in Juba:

Airport-Ministries Road, looking toward the airport:

Airport-Ministries Road, Juba

A UNMIS water truck distributing some drinking water to locals at the side of the road:

UNMIS water truck, Juba

The Merlin compound, where I live and work:

Merlin compound, Juba

My desk on a good day:

My office

I gave a malaria test to one of my staff and it came out positive:

Paracheck malaria test

A side street in Juba:

Bicycle flowers

Abandoned car on a side street in Juba:

Abandoned car in Juba

A tukul (traditional home):

Tukul in Juba

One of several ginormous cargo planes that lands at Juba Airport regularly:

Cargo airplane over Juba

Great name for a company:

ESP International

Important advice in a restaurant washroom:

Toilet instructions

The sunset as seen from outside our compound:

Sunset in Juba

To mark the 61st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Chinese embassy organised a truly amazing talent show with people flown all the way from China for the event, including gymnasts, dancers, musicians, and even a magician who gave me and a friend 10 Sudanese Pounds!

61st Anniversary of PRC
61st Anniversary of PRC
61st Anniversary of PRC
61st Anniversary of PRC