Colin Jack, Beer Expert and All-Round Awesome Guy (1970-2011)

I first met Colin Jack in the fall of 2004, when my brother Dan and I signed up for the UBC AMS Minischool course titled “Beer Tasting.” Three guys were running the show: Colin, Rick, and Zayvin. Longtime friends, they knew how to teach us the science, the art, and the fun of tasting beer. Colin put a lot of effort into Just Here For The Beer, including creating the annual Canada Cup of Beer in Vancouver which has been gaining popularity every year, and regular radio shows on AM 650.

Colin was a good teacher and a good friend, and as a result I took his class three times at UBC, learning more each time. I thought so highly of him that, when I returned from a year abroad in 2005, I hand-carried glass bottles of Beer Lao as a gift for him and the other Just Here For The Beer guys – something you couldn’t find in any beer store in BC at the time. I was lucky enough to volunteer at two Canada Cup of Beer festivals, and attend a third one last summer when I visited Vancouver, and I had a great time at each one thanks to the effort that Colin and his friends and family put into the festival. I had been looking forward to seeing him in three weeks at the next Just Here For The Beer event in Vancouver. I’m sad I won’t get to share another laugh with Colin, but I have a bunch of very happy memories to keep hold of, and am very thankful that I knew him. I’m sure that many of my friends will feel the same way.

He died on the weekend, just 40 years old.

The last class of my third and final beer tasting course, UBC, Vancouver, March 20th, 2007 with Colin on the far right side of the photo:

The last class of my third and final beer tasting course, UBC, Vancouver, March 2007

Colin at the Canada Cup of Beer, July 6, 2008:

Colin Jack at the Canada Cup of Beer, July 6, 2008

Vancouver Courier article about Colin:

4 thoughts on “Colin Jack, Beer Expert and All-Round Awesome Guy (1970-2011)

  1. Sorry to hear this, Chris. Losing a friend too young is an awful thing, and being so far away from your family and friends during such a time isn’t easy. When you’re home in 3 weeks, I’m sure you’ll raise a glass to him. Sending you warm thoughts. x

  2. He was an incredible person, he left such a positive mark on people i will certainly miss him, I was at lost with words when I was told that he had passed…Gerry

  3. I met Colin bak in 2006 when I started working for a private liquor store in Richmond B.C. He used to come in to buy all of our ice for his beer courses and we used to try and save it all for him. Not only was he always amazing to the staff, but also went out of his way to teach us about beer and often invited us to his beer tastings and festivals. Our whole staff would go for the day and we always had a good time, thanks to Colin. Even now, in 2011, its been a few years since I last saw him, yet my co worker who has since changed jobs emailed me to notify me and was also deeply saddened by his passing. Thanks COlin for making beer more enjoyable and for the awesome coversations. Cheers. R.I.P

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