Snakes on a Helmet

Toward the end of March I decided to make a “unique” bicycle helmet, because I’m not a big fan of wearing bicycle helmets, but also not a big fan of paying fines to the police for not wearing one. If I have to wear a helmet, it might as well catch people’s attention, right?

To this end, I bought a helmet with lots of ventilation holes, and got a toy rubber snake from my sister. I used my leatherman to cut the snake into pieces which could be inserted part way into the ventilation holes. I also used the leatherman to cut some of my blowdarts into various lengths, to hold the rubber snake sections in place in the helmet.

Materials for making a snake helmet
Making a snake bicycle helmet

The finished product got LOTS of comments as I cycled around Vancouver, including a few screams from small children clinging to their parents, and a “Whoa dude, sick helmet!” from a group of teenage skateboarders. Mission accomplished.

Making a snake bicycle helmet
Finished product: snake bicycle helmet

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