Chris Anderson, Peanut Catcher Extraordinaire

I can’t play any instruments. I can’t juggle. I’m not a particularly good dancer, though I sometimes ignore that fact when out with friends. I can’t do back flips.

Everyone, however, has at least one talent, even if that talent may not be useful or interesting. My talent is catching food in my mouth. Toss a grape my way from across the room, launch a fuzzy peach candy while I’m watching a hockey game on TV, fire jellybeans at my head when I’m sitting at the breakfast table. I’ll happily attempt to catch all of them, and more often than not, I’ll succeed.

Somehow, while working in the Democratic Republic of Congo with MSF, my colleagues found out about this talent and decided to put me to the test. After taking five small sips of watery Ugandan lager to counter the expected salt build-up in my mouth and throat, I caught 48 out of 52 peanuts thrown my way by three peanut-throwers over the course of 57 seconds. Dr Alan Gonzalez filmed it, so that we could share it online. Enjoy:

Chris Anderson, Peanut Catcher Extraordinaire from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

Years of training at the Vancouver Aquarium taught Chris Anderson to mimic the Harbour Seal. This footage, filmed in Faradje, Democratic Republic of Congo, demonstrates the result of that training.

Filmed by Alan Gonzalez
Peanuts thrown by Rachel Marsden, Emilie Castaignet, and Alan Gonzalez

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  1. Awesome! I think the text should include a warning ‘Don’t try this at home’. Remember the child that got a peanut into their lungs and fairly soon died from it in spite of all efforts, though nowadays maybe would have a better chance.

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