I’ve been in Sweden for almost two months, and I haven’t yet put any photos up! So, here are a few:

Self-portrait taken at full speed on my cycle ride home from university along the river path:

A night shot out of my window – my building looks exactly the same:

A bunch of us took a day trip out to Åland Islands, to have a look around and buy duty free stuff on the way back. Åland is a semi-autonomous province of Finland, just off the East coast of Sweden. Everyone there speaks Swedish, not Finnish, but technically it’s part of Finland and they take both Euros and Swedish Kronor. This is a little boathouse on the Swedish sea shore, photo taken from the ferry as we left Sweden:

Funny ferry door:

In Mariehamn, the capital and largest town in Åland, they have this old boat, the Pommern (wikipedia article: here)

Tanaji would maybe make a good customs officer if he were to have a better uniform and take fewer breaks…

There were jellyfish all over the place (in the water)

The flag of Åland:



Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil…

Marie, Greg, Marie, and Brett gambling on the boat home minus the money part:

The trip was fun, though there wasn’t a lot to do in Mariehamn or surroundings, which is why there aren’t any exciting photos.

Next post: my first trip to Stockholm!