The Busy Life

Sunday morning Jos and I woke up bright and early at 6am to go downtown to Wall Centre to volunteer with the BC Lung Association’s “Climb for Clean Air” fundraiser. We helped set up and then run a water station on the 15th floor of the 48 floor stair climb.

It was fun, though tiring, and the other volunteers were really nice. It was really funny watching 50 firefighters do the climb in full gear at different times of the morning. They were competing against each other from all over the province… Vancouver, Salmon Arm, Salt Spring Island… all over. Each one of them sounded like Darth Vader because they had to have their oxygen tanks hooked up. With all that gear, they had to walk, but some of them definitely walked very fast.

Today I had two of four exams. Tomorrow I have the other two. Today’s exams were in International Relations of South Asia and Domestic Politics of South Asia, both taught by Dr Haider Nizamani, a cool guy who teaches well in my opinion. (For an interesting article he wrote a few years ago regarding the Taleban and Pakistan, see

Tomorrow I have a French in-class essay – the equivalent of a midterm – and a Canadian Foreign Policy midterm exam in Dr Allen Sens’s class. Hopefully I’ll survive :-)

In other news, I’ve been applying for summer jobs lately through the UBC co-op program – so far I’ve applied to be a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer at the Vancouver Airport, the Program Coordinator for GALA International Students Orientation at UBC, and a co-op student position with Foreign Affairs Canada in the South Asia division in Ottawa. I’ve been shortlisted to write the placement exam with the CBSA, and if I do well on that, I’ll have an interview. So far I haven’t heard back from the other two – I reeeeeally want to get the Foreign Affairs job, as it’s right in my field of study and I’m certain I’d be good for the position. I’ll update on the job search once I find out more…

UPDATE: Foreign Affairs hired someone not from UBC. I thought it was strange that no one from UBC was given an interview – usually several students get interviews, as the co-op program at UBC is quite well designed. Chances are, someone knew the right people – that tends to be the main way of getting a job in the civil service these days unfortunately. Oh well – I’ll keep on trying to find a good summer job, and more likely than not I’ll stay in Vancouver for once.