Christchurch and beer

Later that afternoon, after finishing our walk, we headed to Christchurch. And there were sheep on the highway.

We stopped at Lake Tekapo for a few minutes for petrol then shortly after at a nice beach spot so I could take some landscape shots. (The pink cloud colour was really white… I just wanted to play with this one)

After arriving in Christchurch in the evening, we went to bed pretty quickly. The next day after eating at our holiday park accommodation, we headed into the city centre to do some walking. First we parked in Hagley Park then took a walk through the Botanic Gardens through which the River Avon winds.

After our stroll through the gardens we stopped for a basket of reeeeally delicious fries and lazed in the sun on the restaurant’s patio, then crossed the street to the Canterbury Museum.

Tired from all the day’s walking, we went to bed. The next morning back into town to check out Cathedral Square. We walked around inside Christchurch Cathedral then paid the $1.50 each to climb the 134 steps, 30m up the spire. Down in the square, people were playing chess. Crazy.

They were also checking out the market, which was being set up as we checked it out.

And this chalice artwork is pretty neat – it’s been there since 2001.

Then we walked back down 134 spiral stairs. I jogged a bit and got kinda dizzy.

We sat outside the Starbucks drinking hot chocolate for some time, enjoying the unbelievably warm and sunny weather we were getting – after all, it’s the end of winter here. This seagull was cool.

And THEN we headed out to do the Canterbury Brewery Heritage Tour at the home of Canterbury Draught. It was a nice tour, and as there were only 5 of us on the tour it was easy to ask questions and get a full response from our cool guide.

One of these storage tanks holds 120,000 litres of beer.

Kegs being filled:

12-packs of Tasman Bitter being boxed.

And of course, what would a brewery tour be without the requisite beer tasting. We tried five of the beers brewed at Canterbury Breweries: Canterbury Draught (their main one), Guinness (under contract), Steinlager, Speights, and Speights Old Dark.

To be continued…