On the 14th of July a few of us went on a little informal tour of the local banana plantation, owned by CDC / Del Monte, a company with a less-than-sparkling record when it comes to treatment of employees / the environment / etc. We had a friend whose brother works there, so he showed us around.

An older employee plants young banana trees:

Banana bunches are protected to some extent from bugs and foul weather by these plastic covers:

They have these tracks about 7 feet up in the air, on which they can put a little wheel thing for transporting the loads from place to place:

Here you can see the way it works. The wheel thingies have hooks to which short boards are attached, and from those are suspended the bunches of bananas.


Hooking it up:

They put these divider things between the levels of bananas as they put them on the track rail, though I forget what the reasoning behind this is.

A plantation worker, paid $3 a day for a long and difficult job, looks for the next bunch of bananas to cut.