How-To: The Poor Man’s Motorcycle Footpeg

My 1979 Honda CM400T

Have you ever had one of your motorcycle footpegs mysteriously disappear while your bike is parked, even though the cotter pin is still in place? Probably not. But, in case it ever happens to you too, you have two options – either buy a replacement set like this: Bikemaster Pillion Pegs For Honda

…or you could replace it yourself on the cheap without waiting for your local bike garage to order the right part from their supplier.

1. Look at one of your remaining footpegs (in my case, it was the left-side pillion peg that disappeared) to figure out the right diameter and length;

2. Find or buy a section of metal pipe that matches closely enough;

3. Cut the pipe to the correct length. If it needs to fold back against the bike, remember to cut at the same angle as the footpeg on the other side;

Cutting a pipe with an angle grinder

4. Drill a hole through both sides of the pipe, just big enough to fit the cotter pin;

5. Wrap part of an old bicycle inner tube around the pipe, and secure with some wire and electrical tape;

Poor man's footpeg with cotter pin and pliers

6. Attach to motorbike and hit the road.

Poor man's footpeg installed on 1979 Honda CM400T

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